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Mack Hair Salon: Albany's Hair Extension and ghd Expert

All Mack Salon stylists are certified experts with the following professional salon hair care systems.

Hairlocs Hair Extension System

Hairlocs is the safest HAIR EXTENSION METHOD for ALL HAIR TYPES that does not use glue, heat, chemicals, sewing or braiding. You can also use this method to attach other hair pieces such as wefts and custom fitted pieces.

ghd hair Professional Salon Products

ghd is the global leader in heat-styling. But if you’re worried about long-term heat damage - relax. Thanks to ghd thermodynamics™, you can have hair beauty and hair health. The world’s first range of products just for heat-styling occasions (from hairdryers to styling irons and beyond) will cleanse & nourish, protect, style and finish your hair. Thou shalt style with heat. Thou shalt style without fear.

Redken Hair Color

Get the look you want with Redken Color Science. Redken offers a range of products to deliver vibrant, shiny results. Your Mack Salon stylist will examine the condition of your hair and create a custom formulation using the Redken product that is appropriate for you. Using advanced application techniques, your Mack Salon Redken Stylist will help you get amazing salon color.

Goldwell Hair Color

When you get your hair colored by a Goldwell trained Mack Salon professional, you get shimmering, long-lasting hair color that looks terrific with your skin tone and eye color. Plus, you'll enjoy healthy, shiny locks that are more manageable than ever. That's because Mack Salon Goldwell colorists use the best hair color in the world, and are highly trained in how to use it-for perfect results every time.

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